Spanish Monthly Cultural Meet Ups — Wine & Cheese Tasting


Hola Everyone,

One of the main goals of Spanish on the Green™ is to continue learning outside of the classroom!  We are firm believers in teaching the cultures of Latin America and Spain and that’s why we created our Monthly Cultural Meet Ups to bring people together to have fun while experiencing the cuisines, art, and cultures of these regions of the world!

Join us next Thursday, February 20th as we kick off our 2014 Monthly Cultural Meet Ups!  We will be hosting a Spanish Wine and Cheese Tasting at Grand Vin Wines in New Haven, CT.  We will start at 6 p.m. to enjoy the different regions of Spain and the great wines and cheeses from that country.  Juan Carlos, the owner of Ibiza Restaurant in New Haven, CT will be teaching us about the best wines and cheeses.

For more information and to register Online, go to:  The cost is $25 per person.  It will be a bilingual event and is catered to everyone.  So, if you’re interested in mixing and learning about Spanish and Latin American cultures, join us each month as we explore and learn together!

Looking forward to seeing you!

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Natalia Xiomara-Chieffo, Directora – Spanish on the Green™


Photos from Our First Anniversary Party


Hola Everyone!

We had a great time this past Thursday, January 23rd, celebrating Spanish on the Green’s™ first anniversary!  We danced salsa, and ate tapas from Soul de Cuba Cafe, which were awesome as always!  The wine poured as we laughed and danced the evening away.  Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us!

We are getting ready to kick off our monthly cultural group tours of local restaurants, wine tastings, salsa dancing, and conversations over good food and drinks!  The goal is to continue learning about Spanish and Latin American culture outside of the classroom.  Our monthly meet ups will give our students a chance to experience first hand what they learn in class.

For more information, go to our website.

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Natalia Xiomara-Chieffo, Directora, Spanish on the Green™

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Natalia Xiomara-Chieffo dancing salsa with Victor

Natalia Xiomara-Chieffo dancing salsa with Victor

Wine and Tequila at Bar

Wine and Tequila at Bar

The Crew that helped to make the party a success!

The Crew that helped to make the party a success!

Having a great time with guests!

Having a great time with guests!

New Year’s Resolution – Language Skill


I would like to take time out of my busy and often times crazy schedule to wish each and every one of you a fantastic Christmas and an awesome 2014!! If you’ve started a 2014 resolutions list, don’t forget to add “learn or improve Spanish” to that list!

It’s never too late and recent studies have proven that learning a language can help the brain function even better!

Un saludo grande,

Natalia Xiomara-Chieffo
Spanish on the Green

Improving Self-Confidence in Conversational Spanish


Our students come from a varied professional background from attorneys, doctors, teachers, scientists, to administrative positions.  Even though they come from so many different fields, they all share one common goal: to be able to improve or learn Spanish to be able to converse fluently!  

The ultimate goal for us at Spanish on the Green™ has always been to help our students overcome their fear of speaking in class.  Even attempting to speak, can be quite difficult for many due to fear of not being understood and also their self-criticism.  I always tell our students that once they attempt to open their mouths and get over the hurdle of putting words together to form sentences, that in itself is a great self-confidence booster!

If your self-confidence is low because you believe you first need to have the correct grammar, tenses, pronunciation, and all of the other perceived requirements, it will take you much longer to build your confidence.  One advice I always give students is to practice listening to the radio and/or watching Spanish speaking television shows several times per week.  Preferably, daily if possible.  Once you begin to pick up vocabulary from listening to different radio stations and television shows, you will start to feel confident that you are finally understanding Spanish.

In class, we emphasize that everyone gets the chance to speak and to be heard. This also helps to build confidence in our students.  That is one of the main reasons why we keep our classes small, so that everyone will get the chance to speak and to start building their self-confidence in their ability to converse in Spanish!

Contact us for more information!

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ImageNatalia Xiomara-Chieffo, Directora

Spanish on the Green™

The Panama Canal in 2014 – 100th Anniversary!


Next year on August 15, 2014, the country where I was born, Panama, will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the canal!!  I plan on taking a tour group to Panama for this historic event.  Please let me know if you are interested, and I will put your name on our list.  The Panama Canal was started by the French under the guise of Ferdinand De Lesseps, but due to financial and health issues (the men couldn’t deal with the harsh terrains in Panama) the project lasted from 1881 to 1894.  In 1904 the American government undertook the project and completed it in 1914.  The first crossing took place on August 15, 1914 when the canal officially opened.  The American Society of Civil Engineers  has named the Panama Canal one of the seventh wonders of the world!


Natalia Xiomara-Chieffo

English: Tourcoing at Miraflores Locks, Panama...

English: Tourcoing at Miraflores Locks, Panama in 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Construction work on the Gaillard Cut is shown...

Construction work on the Gaillard Cut is shown in this photograph from 1907 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

panama canal

panama canal (Photo credit: dsasso)

Going through locks in the Panama Canal, 1994

Going through locks in the Panama Canal, 1994 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Importance of Mixing Culture into the Learning Experience


Hola a Todos,

Antigua Guatemala - EL CALVARIO Church

Antigua Guatemala – EL CALVARIO Church (Photo credit: PAL1970)

In my opinion, adding cultural events, such as going to restaurants, exhibitions, Latin film festivals, in-class movies, and educational trips, adds to the value of learning Spanish.  It is one thing to learn the grammar, read, write, and converse in Spanish, but it is another to learn about the culture of the Latin people.  I created Spanish on the Green™ to be a fun learning experience which encompasses a great mix of more than just grammar lessons.

The addition of cultural events adds to the learning experience that the students would probably not have otherwise experienced.  It teaches them about cuisines, literature, artists, countries throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, and of course Spain.  Our classes are designed to get everyone involved from the very first day!

When you learn a language and can converse with someone from the culture about their world, that adds so much more to your experiences.  We want each of our students to feel confident in conversing in Spanish at their own pace while absorbing all of the experiences of the cultures from Latin America to Spain!


Natalia Xiomara-Chieffo, Directora


Learn About Spanish Language & Culture, One Fun Experience at a Time!

English: Spanish language flags

English: Spanish language flags (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hola y bienvenido a Spanish on the Green™ a division of Employment Resource Team LLC.

We are so pleased to have our new blog up and running!  Here you will find information, resources for learning or improving your Spanish, and upcoming educational and cultural trips to Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Spain!  Spanish on the Green™ is conveniently located in downtown New Haven, CT between Yale University and City Hall.

Our six week classes are fully immersive from day one!  The goal is for all students to fully experience Spanish in a completely Spanish only environment.  The classes are designed for learners who want to overcome the fear of conversing in Spanish!  For those who are at the beginner level, they will learn how to say simple sentences at the end of the six-week session.  Spanish on the Green™ offers the following levels: beginner to advanced with an evening schedule designed for the working adult.  Contact us for more information at:

We look forward to meeting you!


Natalia Xiomara-Chieffo, Directora

Spanish on the Green™